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Our latest education entitled “Herpetofauna Conservation Education and Workshop on Snakebite Management” was conducted on December 3th 2015 at one of High Schools in Malang, Indonesia. This education was lead by Nia Kurniawan as Head Coordinator of NK Research Group, a research group in Biology Department of Brawijaya University which focused on the diversity of herpetofauna. In this study, we aimed to promote diversity of reptiles and amphibians as well as its role in ecosystems. In addition this activity also conducted a workshop about snake handling and the first aid as one of snakebite managements. The education was done for high school students under the guidance with their teachers.

20160113_160328This education involving with the workshop was started with our introduction about what is NK Research Group and the introduction about diversity of herpetofauna in Indonesia. The students have to aware that Indonesia is a tropical country which has a high diversity along with its ecosystems. In another side, Indonesia is also believed to be a very important country in the global conservation because of diversity and endemism, along with China, Papua New Guinea and the United States. We presented that Indonesia is ranked fourth for the diversity of reptiles, which is 150 of 511 species in total. For the introduction, we also gave the printout about the detail of the presentation. After the introduction, we presented about the snakebite and the first aid for the snakebite management along with the direct practice in front of the class. The last, this education was closed by the Question and Answer (Q&A) session directly with the students. The students actively asked and fulled of attention for the presentation and the workshop. This education was well received because reptiles and amphibians were the first subject brought to high school students by college students.